Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar


Program Manager Ground/Air Task Oriented Radar (PM G/ATOR) delivers the G/ATOR, a highly mobile multi-mission radar system designed to fully support expeditionary requirements for Marines worldwide. The Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) commander will employ G/ATOR within the Air Combat Element (ACE) and the Ground Combat Element (GCE). Within the ACE, G/ATOR will provide enhanced situational awareness and additional capabilities to conduct short- to medium-range radar surveillance and air defense, and air traffic control missions. Within the GCE, G/ATOR will provide ground weapons locating capability for conduct of counter-battery/counter-fire missions.


Ground Air Task Oriented Radar (G/ATOR)

G/ATOR is a three-dimensional, expeditionary, short/medium-range multirole radar capable of detecting low-observable, low-radar-cross-section targets such as rockets, artillery, mortars, cruise missiles, and manned and unmanned aerial systems. The G/ATOR is being developed and fielded in three blocks and will be employed by the MAGTF across the range of military operations. The blocks will cover aviation and ground missions and replace three in-service legacy radars as well as fill a capability gap created by two already retired systems. G/ATOR’s expeditionary, multirole capabilities represent the next generation in ground radar technology and will provide greater range, detection, and target classification against new and evolving threats. 

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