Light Armored Vehicles


Program Manager Light Armored Vehicles (PM LAV) sustains and modernizes the family of LAVs. PM LAV is comprised of multi-functional acquisition associates who are responsible for the lifecycle management of United States military and foreign allies programs. (Located in Warren, Michigan)


Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle (ARV)

The ARV is a purpose-built combat vehicle system, mobile on land and water, and capable of serving as the manned hub of a Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS)-empowered team. ARV will employ transformational sensor, communications, and combat capabilities to collect and communicate information, while integrating robotics and artificial intelligence technologies into manned-unmanned teams. The ARV will enable a crew to sense the operating environment and convey that information using advanced on-board sensors and networked communications systems that are augmented by unmanned systems in order to detect, recognize, identify, and report threats at extended ranges. Additionally, ARV will provide the Fleet Marine Force with a survivable, mobile, networked, and lethal platform optimized for naval transport and amphibious employment in the littoral operating environment. 

Light Armored Vehicle (LAV)

The LAV is an all-weather, all-terrain vehicle combining speed, maneuverability and firepower to fulfill a variety of missions. The LAV supports light armored reconnaissance Marines in performing all-weather, sustained reconnaissance, counter-reconnaissance and security operations. 

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