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Deputy Program Executive Officer Land Systems

Robert L. Cross
Deputy Program Executive Officer Land Systems


Robert L. Cross Deputy Program Executive Officer Land SystemsRob Cross is assigned as the Deputy Program Executive Officer Land Systems (DPEO-LS).   PEO LS is the only Marine Corps PEO and provides comprehensive portfolio management of all USMC ACAT I & II programs and other smaller affiliated programs.  The PEO provides leadership across the full spectrum of acquisition disciplines for all assigned programs.

Prior to becoming DPEO-LS he was the Acting Program Manager (PM) and Deputy PM of Global Combat Support System – Marine Corps (GCSS-MC).  GCSS-MC is a BCAT I program and the backbone for all logistics information required by the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). In this role Mr. Cross delivered critical product improvements to the fleet while completely revamping the contracting and funding strategy to increase program agility.

Mr. Cross served as a project officer within the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Expeditionary Programs and Logistics Management (DASN E&LM) wherein he led the effort to expand the role of DASN E&LM to include the ship to shore connectors.  Prior to the DASN E&LM, he served as the Deputy Director for the Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) Study Team which reported directly to the Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Assistant Secretary for the Navy for Research Development and Acquisition.

Prior to being assigned to the ACV Team, Mr. Cross served in a number of leadership roles within Program Manager Advanced Amphibious Assault (PM AAA), to include the first Product Director for the Amphibious Combat Vehicle program when it was a new start program.  As the Director of Acquisition and Business Management of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle, he successfully led program management recovery efforts immediately following a Nunn-McCurdy Breach.  Prior to that Mr. Cross served as the Director of Test and Evaluation during which he oversaw the execution of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Operational Assessment. 

Prior to moving to the Marine Corps, Mr. Cross served as a structural engineer with the Topside Composite Branch at the Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center.  In his final assignment he served as the lead structural engineer for the LPD-17 Advanced Enclosed Mast/Sensor System.

Mr. Cross is a Certified Level III Acquisition Professional in the Systems Planning, Research, Development and Engineering (SPRDE) and Program Management (PM) acquisition career fields. He has more than 27 years of civilian service, with over 19 years in MDAP and MAIS acquisition.

Mr. Cross holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia (1991), and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from The George Washington University (1998). 

Program Executive Officer Land Systems